Packing Tips

Packing your entire life into just 3 suitcases can be daunting. Here's some tips to help make things easier!

Journaling on Your Mission

EVERYONE needs to journal while serving a mission. Here are some tips on getting started!

Why Companions?

The Lord has asked us to preach His gospel "two by two" (D&C 42:6). But why?

How to Prepare to Serve

Preparing to serve? Here are some tips to help!

Mission Bags: What Should You Get?

Not sure what bag to get? We’ll help you find what is best for you and your mission.

Building a Mission Wardrobe

Let's talk about one of the biggest mission prep steps... HAVING A MISSION WARDROBE. Chances are you aren't sure what to pack for your mission. With these simple 9 steps, we've made it easy on...

Getting the Most out of Home MTC

While in Home MTC, you will learn the Gospel discussions, more about the scriptures, build your testimony, prepare to teach the Gospel, and you might even learn a language! Elder David A. Bednar said, “The...