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Mission Bags: What Should You Get?

Mission Bags: What Should You Get?

A mission bag is one of the most beneficial accessories to have on a mission. With it, you can carry all the material you need for a day’s work. No matter where you are or what the temperature is like, you will need something to carry scriptures and materials.

What Do Missionaries Carry in Their Bags? 
There are many materials to choose from when you’re carrying your bag. Often, missionaries straight out of the MTC will think they need to carry their scriptures, Preach My Gospel, the missionary handbook, copies of the Book of Mormon, lotion, a snack, etc.

Carry Only What You Need
We recommend planning what you’re going to carry each day. Depending on what you’re doing and where you are, you’ll need different things. If you’re knocking on doors all day, you’ll want to bring lots of scriptures to give out. There is only so much space in the bag, so plan wisely.

Invest in a Good Bag 
Many people want to save money where they can when preparing for a mission. We don’t blame you. We also don’t want your bag to fall apart 6 months into your mission. Getting a high-quality bag is really important. The Missionary Mall and the Sister Missionary Mall both carry high-quality, reinforced bags that are designed to last your entire mission.

Since there are many circumstances that missionaries are in, we have bags that cover many of these needs. Let’s talk about them!

Our Missionary Bags 
The right bag for your mission is key to being effective with your time as a missionary. You’ll need to pinpoint what bag is most effective for your mission and your missionary service. Here are some bags that we carry and how they can be effective for different circumstances.

Wanderlust Convertible Messenger Bag  

The Wanderlust is a great bag designed to hold all of your needs when you’re out spreading the good word. It has lots of pockets and features to hold your entire arsenal. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of this bag.

  • It’s completely waterproof – If you’re serving in an area that you know is going to rain a lot (i.e.Oregon or London), then this bag has you covered. Literally.
  •  Useful for multi-language missions – I went to Norway and believe it or not, it is a diverse place. We had to carry around lots of copies of the Book of Mormon in different languages. Having a big bag like this one to carry the books was really useful.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for comfort – Some temperatures will have you bundling up and some won’t. Because of that, the straps are adjustable to fit whatever you have to wear.
  • Water bottle holders for hotter climates – This bag has a pocket on each side for easily holding slender 20oz water bottles.
  • Can be converted into a backpack – If you know that you will be riding a bike or you get tired of holding it on one shoulder, it can be converted into a backpack.
  • A holder for an umbrella – If you’re in any of those rainy places I mentioned above, there is an umbrella holder underneath the bag. No more getting your books wet from your umbrella!
  • Anti-theft measures – There is a bar and eye hooking mechanism on the zipper to keep your things safe should you need to.

There are other great things and information about the product that you can find through the link.

We also carry the Grand Tour Rubicon Messenger Bag, which is a men’s bag. It
has similar functions and size to the Wanderlust.

Sojourn Convertible Messenger Bag 

The Sojourn is the smaller cousin of the Wanderlust. It is effective when you’re constantly on the move. It has a similar design to the Wanderlust, so you can expect the uses to be fairly similar.

  •  It’s completely waterproof
  •  Adjustable shoulder straps for comfort
  • Water bottle holder
  • Can be converted into a backpack
  • A holder for an umbrella
  • Anti-theft measures

The Sojourn also has a comparable men’s bag, Arno, that is for sale as well. The design is different from Sojourn, but it functions in the same way. 

Mountainsmith Heritage Drift Bag Black

This is a hip bag. It is useful if you don’t want to have something on your shoulders all the time. It also has plenty of lumbar support. It's the perfect bag if you're walking or biking. It will save your neck and back. You'll be thankful! Perfect for Elders and Sisters. 

  • It’s great for biking missions – One of the most annoying things when riding a bike is having your bag slide down to the front of you and bang into your leg while biking. The hip bag helps to prevent that.
  •  Water bottle holders for hotter climates – There is a holder on each side for 22oz water bottles.
  • Great for walking around – Having this on your hip can be great to keep your upper body free while walking around or hiking the next hill.

Click on the link to find more information about this bag.




Author: Morgan Rial