How to Love Your Companion

Struggling to love your companion? That's ok! Here are a few suggestions to help you learn to love.

Packing Tips

Packing your entire life into just 3 suitcases can be daunting. Here's some tips to help make things easier!

Journaling on Your Mission

EVERYONE needs to journal while serving a mission. Here are some tips on getting started!

How to Not Get Bored of Your Wardrobe

You'll be wearing the same outfits a lot as a missionary. Here are some ideas to shake things up!

Why Companions?

The Lord has asked us to preach His gospel "two by two" (D&C 42:6). But why?

Lets Talk About Shoes!

What makes a good shoe? Learn the answer to that question and get some shoe recommendations!

How to Prepare to Serve

Preparing to serve? Here are some tips to help!

Mission Bags: What Should You Get?

Not sure what bag to get? We’ll help you find what is best for you and your mission.

Building a Mission Wardrobe

Let's talk about one of the biggest mission prep steps... HAVING A MISSION WARDROBE. Chances are you aren't sure what to pack for your mission. With these simple 9 steps, we've made it easy on...