What Missions DON'T have Peanut Butter

What Missions DON'T have Peanut Butter

Important question… Do you LOVE peanut butter? If yes, you might want to keep reading.

Did you know that peanut butter is extremely hard to find when you are out of the United States? Almost 50% of the RMs (returned missionaries) who served outside of the US have said that peanut butter is a necessity to bring with you.

So… Do you love peanut butter that much?

Here is a list of countries where it is nearly impossible to find peanut butter in. And if you do you will have to spend a FORTUNE on it.


épicerie | Le blog de Cometeshop

Americans are slowly making PB more of a thing in France but it is still hard to find. You might be able to find Pureé de Cacahuètte which directly translates to peanut puree. That is the fancy stuff though. You might have some luck finding regular PB at a Cometeshop in France. This is where they sell a lot of American snacks and treats!


If you are really wanting PB in Italy, be prepared to do some spending. A small jar (maybe enough for 3 or 4 pieces of toast) of Skippy is  €5,99, which is around $7 USD. 


Taste of America - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

Spain is a pretty similar situation to France. You can find it if you really try but it won’t be at every store always stocks like here in America. You definitely won’t find any good natural PB that is for sure. Some tourists recommended going to American food stores like Taste of America to find your favorite treat.


Liver Paste – Bj's Live KitchenYou will not be finding any PB in Sweden unfortunately. There staple breakfast item is leverpastej. It is typically made with ground pork liver, lard, flour, onion, egg, salt, pepper, and spices. Maybe we are crazy but that doesn't sound like a very good replacement. So, if you are serving in Sweden and love PB we would HIGHLY recommend bringing your own.


Sao Paulo, Brazil: Exterior view of facade of OXXO mini market 24h Stock  Photo | Adobe Stock

Pretty similar to Sweden, you are going to have an extremely hard time finding PB in Brazil. So when you are packing you’re bags, don’t forget your PB!


Amazon.com : Greek Nut - Peanut Butter - 5 tastes - Cocoa - Peanuts 100% -  Honey - Crunchy - Caramel - 5 Pack : Grocery & Gourmet Food

In Greece you won’t be finding any of the normal American brands but there are a few local brands. Greek Nut, Delizioso, and Haitoglou are the brands to look out for!


On Japan and PB&J Sandwiches - 日英翻訳者.com日英翻訳者.com

Peanut butter is slowly becoming more popular in Japan but it won’t be as widely available as it is in the States. Just keep your eye out and you can always ask the locals.

So, if you are serving in any of the areas above and you love peanut butter you are out of luck. You can either bring your own or pray they you can find at some random American store.

Another option if you are serving in Europe is Nutella. It is much more popular there and more affordable than PB. If you like Nutella, maybe you could make the switch while on your mission.

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Lots of love!

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