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Elders Sizing Guide

Suit Sizing Guide

To find your suit size, begin by wrapping the tape measure around your chest. Make sure it’s snug and underneath the armpits. Standard suit sizes come in even numbers, if your chest measures at an odd number, size up to the next size for the best fit. Wrap the tape measure over the arms around the chest. If this measurement is more than 11” larger than the chest measurement, consider sizing up a size for broad shoulders.

Pants Sizing Guide

To find your perfect outseam measurement, start by taking off your shoes. This will give you an accurate leg length measurement. Measure 4 finger-widths down from your belly button. Measure around the waist line and subtract 2 inches from this number for the most accurate fit. Finally, measure from the waistline down to the floor. This will give you a full break, or subtract 3/4 of an inch for a more modern look. TA-DA! That easy.

Shirts Sizing Guide

To find your shirt size, use a tape measure to measure around the neck under the adam’s apple, leaving one finger’s width of space for an adequate fit. For the sleeve measurement, measure from the base of the neck to the shoulder. Then, while holding the tape measure, measure to the elbow, then measure from the elbow to the wrist.