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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Return Policy?

Our return policy for both the MissionaryMall and Sister MissionaryMall can be found here: Return Policy

What is covered under the 2yr. Guarantee?

What is, and is not covered under the 2yr. Guarantee and all other questions can be found here: 2 yr. Guarantee 

Where do I ship my returns?

Please ship your returns to the following address:

Missionary Mall Shipping

940 S. 2000 W. Ste. 120

Springville, UT 84663

What is the point system and how does it work?

  1. How do I get $50 towards my mission gear? 
  • Start by going to, and fill out the requested information! This gift only applies to people who have not yet begun MTC training, but do have a mission call. Once you’ve submitted, please allow 24-48 hours for your submission to be accepted, especially over weekends. This reward will be available in the form of points on your account on  Also, feel free to share that link with any other recently called missionaries you may know!
  • Are there additional ways to earn points? 
  • Yes! You can earn additional points by creating an account with us, liking or following our social media accounts, engaging on our social media accounts, submitting a video review, giving referrals, and more! You also earn a point per dollar that you spend in the store or online once your account is set up. 
  • How do I access my points? 
  • Go to and click on the person icon on the top right. It will ask you to either log in to your account or create an account. Once you’re in your account, you are able to click the black box in the bottom left corner that says “Check Rewards”. There you can see how many points you have and what rewards you are able to unlock and use towards your mission gear. 
  • Do you have other questions? 
  • Feel free to reach out to us at and we can help you with whatever you need! 

How do I get the best fit when buying online?

We've been outfitting missionaries online since 1997! We've learned a couple tricks to make your life easier! Please see our Online Fitting Room

What are your holiday hours?

Thanksgiving day & Christmas Day: CLOSED

Christmas Eve Day & New Years Eve Day: 10a-3p

Halloween, Fourth of July & 24th of July: 10a-5p

New Year’s Day: 11a-6p

General Priesthood Meeting of General Conference: 10a-5p

Black Friday: 9a-5p

What Shipping Service should I use?

UPS and DHL are reliable and efficient. USPS can seem more cost effective, but does not have accurate tracking or delivery notifications, whereas UPS and DHL have guaranteed delivery so you will know exactly when your package will arrive. USPS can get tricky as far as shipping internationally is concerned. They hand off packages to the local post office once they get to a foreign country, so usually the tracking won't work for the final leg of the journey on international shipping.  Packages are then also subject to the problems of the in-country mail service (theft, inspection, delays, etc) where UPS and DHL handle all the packages in house from beginning to end. 

What is the Address for the Missionary Mall?

All of the Missionary Mall's store information including location, hours, and contact info can be found here.

What is the Address for the Sister Missionary Mall?

All of the Sister Missionary Mall store information including location, hours, and contact info can be found here

What is the best email for:

Shipping/ Order Fulfillment Center:

Customer Service:

MissionaryMall Manager:

Sister MissionaryMall Manager:

Outlet Store Manager:

Website Manager:

Marketing Manager:


For any other inquiries please email:

How do I apply to work at the MissionaryMall, Sister MissionaryMall, or Outlet Store?

Please look at the above directory, and email a copy of your resume and cover letter to the appropriate store manager. Please include why you wold be a good fit for our team in your cover letter. 

Be advised that our sales floor positions do require the applicant to be a Returned-Missionary as to best help the customers prepare. This is job experience we require and is not meant to exclude anyone from being part of the MissionaryMall family.

If you have not had the opportunity to serve a mission, please apply for any of the following position departments: seamstress, receiving, shipping, restocking, social media, purchasing, and modeling.