Receiving revelation from General Conference

Receiving revelation from General Conference

Over the span of two days, we hear messages shared on how to find peace, hope, and joy in Jesus Christ; how to strengthen families by following Jesus’s teachings; and how to receive personal revelation and inspiration from God.

We can receive revelation through various channels in line with our current needs and circumstances. According to our faithfulness, we can receive this revelation to help with our specific personal needs, responsibilities, and questions and to help us strengthen our testimony.

Often many receive revelations through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. Quiet spiritual promptings may not seem as spectacular as visions or angelic visitations, but they are just as powerful and lasting and life changing. The witness of the Holy Ghost makes an impression on the soul that is more significant than anything we can see or hear. Through such revelations, we will receive lasting strength to stay true to the gospel and help others do the same.

Preparing to Receive Revelation

  1. Pray for guidance. 
  2. Be reverent. 
  3. Be humble. 
  4. Keep the commandments. 
  5. Partake of the sacrament.
  6. Study the scriptures every day. 
  7. Take time to think.
  8. Patiently seek God’s will. 

Recognizing the Promptings of the Holy Ghost

Amid the many noises and messengers in the world today, we must learn to recognize the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. Following are some of the principal ways the Holy Ghost communicates with us:

  1. He speaks to the mind and heart in a still, small voice. 
  2. He prompts us through our feelings. 
  3. He brings peace. 

Get ready for a great General Conference! It will be filled with as much revelation as you are willing to receive!