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Elder Lyman- Working with Less Active Members

Elder Lyman- Working with Less Active Members
One of the most remarkable experiences that I had was to meet
with a less active member each week for the six months that I served in
an area. With each meeting our relationship grew stronger as we would
teach various Gospel principles.

Over the span of those six months we didn't necessarily see any
quantifiable "progress" that this individual was making, they came to
church one time, didn't really form any daily Gospel habits, but we felt
that they were on the right track.

Fast forward three years to last month when I returned back to the
Netherlands to visit the area in which this individual lived. I walked
into Sacrament meeting a little late and someone passed me a phone with
a picture of me as a missionary on the screen, obviously signifying that
someone had recognized me. I looked around to see whose phone I was
holding and I eventually made eye contact with the person that sent the
phone over.

I didn't immediately recognize this person, but after a couple of
minutes I realized that this individual was the less active member that
I had taught three years ago! Their life had completely changed, they
are married now and are expecting their first child. They come to church
each week and have established Gospel habits into their daily life. It
was remarkable to see how the Gospel can change people's lives to the
point that they are not recognizable compared to their life before
living the Gospel.
Elder Lyman served in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.