Sister Fisher- Planting Seeds in the Field

Sister Fisher- Planting Seeds in the Field

I served in the Jakarta, Indonesia mission. To give you an idea of the country, it’s 90% Muslim. The other 10% consisted of Buddhist, Hindu, Christianity, etc. So needless to say, it was hard to find sincere investigators. One experience that really had an impact on me was when we met a lady named Wati. (Wa-tee)


We met her one day when we were just walking through a neighborhood and started talking with her. She and her entire family was Muslim. Her family did not want us there, but she insisted we come visit her. We introduced the Book of Mormon to her and asked her to try reading it. The next time we saw her she said she loved it and told us when she sees the picture of Christ in the cover she feels really calm and peaceful inside. She told us she wanted to come to church with us, but she didn’t have any nice clothes to wear.


Long story short we had a random lady give us a bunch of clothes the day before and now we knew the reason why those clothes fell in our laps. We gave her those clothes and she came to church the following Sunday.


She enjoyed every minute of it and felt the spirit. Due to her family circumstance, she was no longer able to visit with the missionaries. But I know without a shadow of doubt, the Lord is with her and watching over her. We planted the seed he needed us to. I know one day she will get the chance to be baptized and live the gospel of Jesus Christ without anything to hold her back. 

Sister Fisher served in the Jakarta Indonesia Mission