Sister Taylor- Working with Members to Further the Work

A woman named Shona had been meeting with missionaries for two years when my companion and I met her. Shona loved the gospel and was fully involved in her ward, but something was keeping her from baptism.


After months of teaching, re-teaching, and discussing Shona’s countless fears and concerns, my companion and I were at a loss as to what to do next to help Shona accept the invitation to be baptized.


One evening, the ward mission leader and his wife invited us along with Shona into their home. I will never forget how tangible the spirit was that night as we talked with Shona. The ward mission leader and his wife played a crucial and powerful role in discerning what was stopping Shona from taking the step of baptism. After we each took a turn bearing testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel, we once again invited Shona to be baptized. She accepted.


That night, I learned just how crucial it is for members and full-time missionaries to work together in “inviting others to come unto Christ”. 


Sister Taylor served in the New Zealand Hamilton Mission