Humor in the mission field

Humor in the mission field

We were planning to teach a girl the ten commandments. I had been in the mission for 4 transfers and was feeling pretty comfortable in the language. Generally while teaching lessons I would have open my English Book of Mormon as well as the Hiligaynon Book of Mormon. This particular day I was feeling a little overly confident and decided to just open my Hiligaynon Book of Mormon to teach a young girl from a part member family.

We opened up the scriptures to Mosiah 13 and began teaching the 10 commandments to this sweet girl. My companion started and would cover 2 commandments and ask a few questions and then I would take a turn teaching a few commandments as well. It was my turn to cover verse 22 which reads, "Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal."

We had taught this lessons a few times that week. I remembered this verse covered two of the commandments but I mixed up the order of the commandments in the verse. 

I began teaching about what I thought was the commandment to not steal. In reality I said the following to a sweet little 12 year old girl. 

"One of the commandments is to not commit adultery. Why do you think it is important to Heavenly Father that we don't commit adultery?" She answered timidly that is was really bad and hurt people's feelings. I agreed, still thinking I was talking about stealing, not adultery.

"Exactly! It does hurt people's feelings. How would you feel if you had a really nice pair of shoes that you loved but someone else wanted them and they adulterated them?" This sweet girl's face went bright red and she replied timidly, "I would feel bad Sis. Really bad."

Again I agreed with her, "Absolutely! If someone adulterated something I loved I would feel really bad too!" At this point I realized my companion was laughing uncontrollably and was starting to tear up. I was confused but continued talking when she put her hand on my arm, stopping me. She leaned over and whispered, while still laughing, "Sis, you just asked her how she would feel if someone adulterated her shoes!"

I about died. I was mortified and so embarrassed for this young, sweet girl. I immediately apologized and laughed and corrected my mistake. She breathed a huge sigh of relief and said she was confused why I would ask her a question like that.

We all had a good laugh and then continued the lesson, this time using the correct words for the commandments. I never taught that lesson without opening both sets of scriptures again!