Life Skills 101- How to Sew on a Button

Life Skills 101- How to Sew on a Button

Clothing Maintenance and Care: How to Sew on a Button

We’ve all been there; you are in a hurry to get dressed for the day and then pop! A button goes flying off your clothing. Too often we then shove said article of clothing back into the closet and forget about the missing button until we go to put the clothing back on!

You would be surprised how often our customer service department is asked for replacement of product because of a missing button. People won’t always be available to mend your clothing for you. Learning the correct way to replace a button that has fallen off is simple and can be accomplished in 5 easy steps.

Materials needed:
Article of clothing
Thread (Preferably a color that matches the clothing color where the button will be sewn on)


Step 1:
Cut a length of thread, around 18 inches long, and thread the needle.

Pull the thread through the needle until the ends line up with each other.
Tie a knot in the ends of the thread. Make sure your knot is larger than the needle you are using so the knot won’t pull through the fabric while you are sewing. If this happens you may need to double knot your thread.
Step 2:
Find the spot where the button is suppose to go. Make sure it lines up properly with any button holes it needs to go into. Start with the needle on the underside of the clothing and push the needle through one hole of the button, keeping the button aligned in the correct spot.
Pull the thread through until the knot is tight against the underside of the clothing.
Step 3:
Push the needle down through the diagonal hole of the hold the thread is coming up through.
Pull the need back up into the original hole you sewed through and push it down into the diagonal hole again. Repeat this step 2-3 times. When the needle is on the underside of the fabric push it through one of the holes that hasn’t been used. Now, push the needle down through the hole diagonal to the hole you just pushed the needle up through. Repeat this step 2-3 times.
Step 4:
With the needle on the underside of the fabric, sew a few basic stitches to secure the thread. On the last stitch, do not pull the stitch tight, allow enough slack to run the needle back through the stitch to form a knot.
Step 5:
Check the button to make sure it feels secure.
Cut the thread close to the final knot and you’re done! Congrats! You sewed on your first button!



We carry two types of sewing kits. This small sewing kit is perfect to keep in your mission bag for emergencies that may happen while you are out for the day.

This kit can be found  here.

This larger sewing kit offers a few different types of threads and options for your every day needs. This would be a perfect kit to keep at the apartment for more detailed sewing jobs.

You can find the link to this kit here.