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Washable 2-Pant Flex Suit Navy


Missions require hard work. They also require suits (most of them anyway). Our Washable Flex Suit was designed to make all that hard work more comfortable, and look amazing at the same time!

So what makes them more comfortable than a traditional suit? To start off, the Washable Flex Suit is 45% Rayon, 50% Nylon, and 5% spandex. In other words, this suit is STRETCHY! That stretch provides a gigantic amount of mobility where a normal suit wouldn't, making biking, walking, service, and running from dogs so much more effective as a missionary. 

The Washable Flex Suit is also a good option for all climates, as its lightweight material makes it bearable to wear in the heat and humidity. Layering with a sweater and/or a coat makes it perfect for snowy days.

With two pairs of pants, and the ability to wash both pants AND suit jacket, the Washable Flex Suit can last as long as you want it to. We even accounted for weight gain with a stretchy waistband to keep in all that mission food. And despite the increase in comfort, the Flex Suit still looks stylish and professional. With plenty of color options we are confident that we can find the perfect Washable Flex Suit for you!

Each suit pant is 6 inches less than the suit size. Ex. 38 suit has 32" pants.

note: some of the tags are mislabeled on how to wash your suit, reminder these suits are machine wash gentle with cold water or handwash.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard Wolff
Great suit!

Excellent deal for a 2-pant suit.

Rebecca Barnard
Looks so Professional, Feels so Comfortable.

My husband loves his new suit because it feels so comfy and moves with him so well. I like his new suit because it looks amazing! It’s a win, win!

Matt Iman
Mission shopping made EASY!!!

Best shopping experience EVER!!!!! I was expecting suit shopping with my future missionary to be hard! Just the opposite!! We bought 2 suits, shoes, belts, a coat, and pants! The quality is AWESOME, styles are ON POINT!!!

We're glad that you think so, and we're happy you had a good experience!