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Walk Sock


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  • 75% Cotton/21% Nylon/ 2% Spandex/ 2% Rubber - Breathable, durable, comfortable.
  • Elastic stays supportive over time--Sock won't roll down your leg
  • Professional color variety, plus white for temple, baptisms, or casual wear
  • A perennial best-selling product
  • Covered under our 2-Year Wearproof Guarantee

All we can say is congratulations.

These socks will change your life.

The Robbins & Brooks Walk Sock was designed with missionaries in mind (we sell thousands and thousands of pairs to missionaries every year), but they have developed a cult following among returned missionaries, businessmen, athletes, and regular joes.

Try a pair, and you'll see why.

The upper half of the sock is a highly breathable athletic mesh, keeping your foot cool, dry, and happy. The padding on the bottom of the foot is double cushioned for comfort, support, and mind-blowing durability.

To illustrate, several missionaries (we hear these stories all the time) have worn these socks for two-year missions to Africa, Mexico, and other exotic locales--only to return home and continue wearing the SAME SOCKS, sometimes for years at a time, before finally replacing them (with more Walk Socks, of course).

In fact, these socks are a full part of our 2-year Wearproof Guarantee. Socks?! Guaranteed for two years?! We aren't kidding. They are that durable. We've blended rubber into the fabric to ensure it.

Maybe that's why missionaries and non-missionaries alike wear these for hiking, running, church, work, competitive sports, and casual wear.

The Robbins & Brooks Walk Sock: Don't serve a mission without it. Your feet will thank you.‚ 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Samuel Thygerson

I love them, would highly recommend to anyone, good look and feel for long days

Jarret Griffin

Walk Sock

Jason Bransford

Walk Sock

Daniel Patterson
Love the 2 Year Warranty!

We have used Missionary Mall for for Missionary sons. One more to go and we will definitely be back