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Soxsols Black

Soxsols Black

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Black SoxsolS are a 100% washable shoe inserts for women that provide a supremely comfortable experience for feet by increasing cushioning while wicking away perspiration. SoxsolS cotton French Terry inserts are a favorite amongst customers living in warmer climates.

SoxsolS "renew" their grip with every laundry cycle and can be reapplied into sandals and shoes in lieu of socks.

SoxsolS are made by permanently bonding two layers. A bottom layer of specially treated Silicon-Rubber that serves three purposes:

  • It prevents sweat from soaking into your footbed causing staining and foul odors.
  • It grips the footbed to prevent toe crumple and slippage while you walk.
  • It removes bits of dust and debris that get into your shoes footbed with everyday use.

A top layer of high quality fabric, which creates snug comfort and wicks away perspiration. SoxsolS come in Cotton French Terry and Wool.

The combination of these two layers, when placed in your footbed, turns your everyday sandal into footwear with the feel of a tailored fit shoe and the comfort of a luxuriously plush slipper.

Trim to size.

90% Wool
10% Nylon
100% washable

Silicone Lower holds the insert in place so it doesn't slip.
Easily cut down to fit perfectly

Wash warm, tumble dry low