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Grand Tour Rubicon Messenger Bag



Rubicon Messenger Bag

A missionary should be practical. A missionary should be stylish. A missionary shouldn't be flashy. A missionary should be professional. How do you balance all of that?

For starters, you can take the Rubicon Messenger Bag from Grand Tour.

Gone are the days of missionaries looking like little school boys toting around their backpacks.

Boasting smart features galore, suitble for any weather, any culture, and any user, the Rubicon Messenger Bag just makes sense. 


-Anti-Theft Buckle

-Leakproof zipped compartment with security tab

-"Seatbelt material" shoulder strap

-Hideaway lumbar strap (for biking, etc.)

-Intelligently organized compartments

-Neither too cramped nor too bulky

-Professional "business grade" design

-Adjustable waterbottle holders

-Low profile umbrella sleeve hidden on bottom

-Doesn't make you look like a junior high school student