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Cody Lloyd
Extremely Comfortable

Brought these for my mission, but there great for other uses too like going to the temple or a wedding. Not to mention the employees at this establishment are very friendly.

Ben Thompson

They didn't hesitate at all to help us out with Ben's shoes that wore out while he is still out on his mission. So helpful because he really needed a new pair asap. Ya know, sometimes they waite too long to tell you that their shoes have holes. So thanks a bunch.

Zachary Reynolds
Simply don't feel good on MY feet

Personally, I do like how both the tan and black versions look. While examining them they were obviously made of high-quality material that would last the duration of a mission. However, when I put them on they were squishing my toes in some places and seams were rubbing my foot in others. Take into consideration, however, that I am used to wide shoes, usually minimalist shoes, for a while now and have become accustomed to them. These shoes fit much tighter than a minimalist or barefoot shoe's wide toe-box and were uncomfortable for my feet. I would recommend going up a half size if you want to get these and only do so if you like the feel of tighter style shoes like basketball shoes and cleats. On another note, the return for these shoes online was very easy and fluid so if in doubt I would give them a try and see how they feel on your feet.

Lindsey Bliss
“They feel like tennis shoes!” Said no one about dress shoes

But guess what- that’s what my son said about these awesome shoes! He loves them!