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MissionaryMall KT Tape Pro Beige

KT Tape Pro Beige

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Need support that will endure riggors of mission life? KT TAPE PRO is just what you need!‚ It will relieve pain and provide support exactly where you need it. KT TAPE PRO will stay in place through sunshine and rain‚ for up to seven days. KT TAPE PRO will stick with you in the harshest conditions including daily showers, humidity, and cold.‚ 

KT TAPE PRO is performance engineered to work in the harshest environments. It's the world's only 100% synthetic kinesiology tape, re-engineered with stronger adhesive, to outlast anything you can throw at it.

Each box comes with 20 precut strips of 100% synthetic tape. One hard plastic carrying case with twist on lids to keep your tape in good shape in your backpack if you need it on the go. One Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions on the most common injuries and one KT sticker.


Comfortable to wear for up to 7 days

Stays on in water

Targeted pain relief