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Kanga Pouch Passport Carrier (Elders)

Kanga Pouch Passport Carrier (Elders)

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    • Two large pockets to easily store travel documents, credit cards and money


    • Two high-quality zippers located at the top to prevent contents from spilling out while accessing the pouch


    • Made with urethane-coated ripstop nylon for increased durability and water/sweat resistance


    • Attaches to belt for easy access and usability


    • Discrete and comfortable


    • Hand washable

The black Kanga is made out of high-quality ripstop nylon to increase durability and promote long-term use. Each unit is urethane coated which prevents moisture form damaging the contents of your Kanga.

A travel document holder is the most important item for all travelers. How many times have you panicked going to the airport and wondering where you put the tickets or your passport or your ID? Traveling is stressful, and even though 9 times out of 10 you always have your documents, the momentary stress can drive you nuts.

And if you are the type of person who keeps tickets passports, ID's and money separate, then you know it is a fumbling and nervous drill when you get to the ticket line or security trying to find those items.

That is why you absolutely need a travel document holder. Being able to keep everything in one place and accessible will take a lot of the stress of travel from getting the best of you. It will also keep them safe. The possibilities of losing or heaven forbid having your important papers stolen is greatly reduced when you have everything in one place.

That becomes very important in foreign countries where you may not be familiar with how things work. Thieves are out there everywhere and they know a sloppy victim when they see one.

In fact one great type of travel document holder is the clandestine sort. There are document holders that can fit under your clothing. That way you always know where they are and would be thieves cannot identify them under your clothing, let alone get to them. These styles of holders can accommodate your passports, ID, itineraries and currency.

The black Kanga Pouch passport carrier is lightweight, easy to wear and practical for all of your travels.

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