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Grand Tour Tiber Luggage Black



Grant Tour Tiber Luggage Black


100% Polypropylene Thermoplastic: We chose this for the shell of the luggage because it has the best strength to weight ratio for hardside luggage. It is the material of choice for very high end sets that cost 2-3X more than ours. Lighter than polycarbonate and far stronger than ABS, it is the best of both worlds!

Hardside Luggage Advantages: Hardside luggage protects breakable objects, as well as being water and mold resistant. Fabric luggage was our go-to for years, but with the advances in hard side luggage materials, this is now our favorite option. 

TSA Compliant Locks: Features TSA compliant locks which keep your gear secured, but can also be opened and inspected by the TSA without breaking into or cutting open your luggage. 


International Carry-on Bag: 20"L X 15"W X 8"D

International Compact Check-in Bag: 24"L X 18"W X 10"D

International Large Check-in Bag: 28"L X 20"W X 12"D 


8-wheel System "Running Test"

-Tested for 8 continuous hours, over 20 miles of bumpy terrain while loaded with 55 lbs.

-Wheel supports reinforced with metal shanks

-In the unlikely case the wheels break, they are easily replaced with a philips-head screw-driver. 

3-Foot "Wheel" Drop Test:

-Luggage is loaded with 55 lbs, and then dropped from three feet directly on its wheels

Temperature Test:

-Some hardside luggage materials become very soft when exposed to heat, or very brittle when exposed to cold.

-Our polypropylene luggage is tested in both heat and cold to make sure it functions well from Siberia to Brazil!

Handle "Jerk" Test:

-In our travels, we've discovered that the handles are the most vulnerable part on luggage.

-We test ours by loading the luggage with 55 lbs and giving it a short freefall "jerk" 2500 times

-The handle is also opened and closed 10,000 times to ensure a lifetime of trouble free operation.

Impact Testing:

-The luggage is loaded to 55 lbs and then exposed to several tests.

-It is rolled around in a large industrial dryer-like "drum" for 50 rotations.

-It is exposed to 25 lb weights being dropped on it to test resilience.

-It also is stomped on while empty to test the ability to rebound to its original shape.

-This simulates very rough baggage handling and carousels in airports.

Stair and Freefall Testing:

-The luggage is loaded to 55 lbs and pushed down a flight of stairs.

-It is also dropped on its front from 12 feet in the air.

-These last tests are not really scientific, but fun to do!

-Cargo (toiletires, clothing, and appliances) was intact after the falls.