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Ben's 100% Deet Bug Spray



Almost every missionary will serve in at least one insect-infested area, and bug spray is necessary to help avoid the annoyance of bug bites and danger of insect-borne illness. Ben's 98% DEET bug spray is a concentrated version of the 30% version. Because it is so concentrated, you don't need to use much, so one bottle should last a long time. Its highly concentrated formula also means this is not intended for skin application; it should be sprayed only on fabric. Since it is a concentrated formula, you don't need to use as much so this one bottle should last a long time. This insect repellent comes in a small travel container perfect for any missionary tracting bag.4.8 ounces

1 Piece - 3.4 Ounce (100ml)

Repels Insects That May Carry West Nile Virus,

Up To 10 Hours Of Protection,

Max Formula