DryFast Microfiber Towel

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DryFast Microfiber Towel


Moldy towels are not your friend.

But if you take a regular old fluffy towel with you on your mission--especially anyplace hot and humid--you are likely to wind up with a towel that never quite dries out from day to day (missionaries are absolutely required to shower daily). And towels that don't dry out will inevitably get mildew-y and start to smell like a hot garbage can full of old bananas. It's not good for your health or for your companion's charity levels.

Our DryFast Microfiber Towel was made to combat this issue. Made of premium, super-fine microfiber, it dries out amazingly fast, even in a super-hot, super-wet mission.

Another fantastic bonus to this towel is its packability. It takes up a tiny fraction of the luggage space and weight of a "normal" towel, which means way more room for clothing, gear, and souvenirs in your suitcase. You could pack six of these things in the same space as a regular towel (for a two-year mission, it's never a bad idea to grab two and rotate on laundry day).

For a bath towel that will never hang you out to dry, choose the DryFast Microfiber Towel.

-Quick-drying microfiber

-Supremely durable

-Comes in mesh travel case

-Hang loop with snap fastener‚ 

-Suede finishe for soft feel and superior absorbency

-Safe and permanent silver ion-antibacterial treatment

-Takes up virtually no luggage space/weight

-80x150 cm/ 31x60 in

missionarymall DryFast Microfiber Towel
missionarymall DryFast Microfiber Towel
missionarymall DryFast Microfiber Towel