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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jared Wilson
Excellent! Highly comfortable and solidly built!

I’m very happy with my purchase! Those pants are so comfortable they look very professional and at the same time they feel as comfortable as sweatpants! Knowing that I can wash them in the washing machine is amazing! No more dry cleaners for me!


Washable 2-Pant Flex Suit Navy

Adam Connors
Love it!!

Haven’t put the suits to the test yet- (out in the mission field) but the customer service was fantastic, and my son is ecstatic about how comfortable the suits are. They look good, and the stretch is fantastic. I also love the replacement guarantee- as my other son split two “regular” suit pants while on his mission. And he had to just buy completely new suits

Parker Rogers
Totally Awesome

This suit feels so good. It's Crazy how comfortable a suit can feel and still look professional. Its super stretchy and it feels better than some normal sweatshirts I own. I think the navy color as well looks super clean and nice. Overall, a great choice. Its extremely durable as well.

Corey Bennett
Excellent Price, Exceptional Quality, and Extraordinary Customer Service

I have owned many suits over my career and Missionary Mall’s are amongst my favorite. I have purchased 4 different colors including the beautiful dark navy, which I highly recommend. These suits fit the shoulders nicely, they don’t cling unattractively to the legs, and are made of fabrics with good textures and colors. These suits, unlike most stretch suits, do not suffer from poor fitting shoulders, skintight pants, or unimpressive fabrics. Additionally, being machine washable is a major time savings over dry clean only options, and providing two pairs of pants with one jacket is an incredible value as pants always fade before the jacket.