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Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Bag



Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Bag


For a bag that speaks to the adventurous nature of a mission, look no further than the Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Bag.

Built with the outdoors in mind, this bag is rugged and ready to go, whether through the hills, into the woods, or down the street.

A cushioned waist strap, paired with the standard shoulder band, makes the MDL Bag a steady companion for long walks--your back and shoulders will thank you at the end of the day.

A cushioned mesh backing makes for a comfortable wearing experience that won't get too sweaty as the day wears on.

The MDL Bag will help you as you climb mountains, both literal and figurative.

-Water bottle holder

-Spacious interior

-Cushioned Tuck-away waist strap

-Cushioned mesh backing

-Reflective highlights

-Good "medium" size (13'' x 12'' x 8'')