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You will want this!

If you buy any leather shoe you will want to buy this too! It keeps my shoes looks new and clean!


A must for your leather shoes! I love that it's transparent, so you can use it on any color of leather. plus it has waterproofing properties!


Gosh I cant say how much I love this beeswax conditioner! First off this is so easy to use. I honestly just use a paper towel and it still makes my shoes looking like new this stuff can be used on any leather shoe and color. You don't have to condition daily I condition my shoes every two or three months as needed.

Quentin Mckrola

I still haven’t received my shoes after 24 days. Very worrisome ….

Caitlyn Zuniga
So happy with my purchase!

Sturdy little shoe, I'm super surprised at how durable, comfortable, and cute these are. Really such a great buy!
There's enough pump to them that they propel you forward when you need to start walking, and they're great for if you need to be on your feet for extended amount of time. They feel good not just on your foot, but also very supportive of the joints and spine.
My only concern is (and holy moly, if this is all I have to complain about, that's pretty negligible) that they are thick. If you wear them with a short skirt, they will make your shins/ankles look small, and the strap over the top gives off almost a retro vibe, or kind of Minnie Mouse look, if you will. Added bonus, they dry quickly. I wouldn't say adorable, but they are absolutely cute and great for normal wear and tear, you will not be sad you bought these.