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Dansko Wyatt Mocha Full Grain Leather

$140.00 $140.00

Mocha Full Grain Leather Dansko Wyatt



You may think shoe comfort and durability isn't that big of a deal for missionaries. Respectfully, you're dead wrong, and thousands of RMs would tell you as much.

Dress shoes aren't generally made to handle 10+ miles of walking everyday.

Most aren't, anyway.

Danskos are.

That's why for years they've been MissionaryMall's best-selling brand.

Weatherproofed, ultra-durable leather makes these shoes an outstanding choice for all climates and extremes. Aggressive treads and thick outsoles guarantee long-lasting wear and superior shock absorption (not normal for dress shoes, but super necessary for missionaries).

The shoes in the Walden Collection even feature a‚ metal shank in the sole, giving you unfailing support and durability beneath an outrageous amount of comfortable cushioning that molds to your foot over time.

Built for the torture a mission puts your shoes through, these shoes will enable you to focus more on your work and less on your sore feet.

The purchase of any two pair of Dansko shoes qualifies for our‚ 2-Year Wearproof Guarantee! The two pair do not need to be the same style or color to qualify.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: For ANY brand of mission shoe, it is CRUCIAL that you have multiple pairs in a ROTATION rather than wearing the same pair day after day. This practice enables the shoes to dry out during their 24 hours off, which is important if you want your shoes to last. Shoes that don't have a day off to dry out WILL NOT PROVIDE PROPER SUPPORT for your feet and WILL FALL APART MUCH FASTER than shoes that are part of a‚ regular rotation. Athlete's Foot is also virtually guaranteed to occur if‚ daily‚ rotation‚ isn't happening.‚ TWO PAIR‚ OF GOOD, SOLID, EVERYDAY WORK SHOES ARE A‚ MINIMUM‚ REQUIREMENT FOR MISSIONARIES, NOT AN OPTION, IF YOU WANT THEM TO LAST TWO YEARS.***

-Removable triple-density EVA‚ molded footbed

-Leather socklining for long-wearing comfort

-Rich leather uppers

-To clean, wipe with damp cloth and apply shoe cream or polish