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The Dos & Dont's of Cleaning an Electric Bike

The Dos & Dont's of Cleaning an Electric Bike

If you are a new electric bike owner or you’re planning to get one soon, you might be concerned about its long-term maintenance. You will also want to know if it requires unique methods in washing or if there’s anything that you should avoid when you’re cleaning it.

While it’s not that complicated to keep your e-bike in tip-top shape at all times, there are some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind to avoid any problems when you do your maintenance:

What Should You Do When Cleaning Your E-Bike?

Only use shine products that are specifically for electric bikes or at least those that are approved by the manufacturer. You should also opt for lube in spray form instead of liquid ones because they are easier to apply, and you can avoid stickiness as well.

When cleaning, be mindful of the electronic display. As much as possible, keep cleaning solutions away from the display and simply wipe it with a clean cloth.

A quick spray using your garden hose can get rid of dirt. Doing this at least twice a week can help prevent the buildup of dirt and mud.

Try to clean your e-bike once a week as well. Then, make sure you check every part, including the chains, and see if they require lubrication. Don’t wait for them to dry out completely before lubricating them.

Finally, remove the battery before deep-washing your e-bike. While it is built to withstand any weather, it’s still best to remove the battery and thoroughly dry the battery compartment before putting it back.

What Should You Never Do When Cleaning Your E-Bike?

Never use a power washer or even a pressure hose when washing your e-bike. Instead of ensuring that it’s free from debris, it can actually get dirt lodged in sensitive areas. You should also never apply a bike degreaser on either the brake calipers or the pads as this can lead to contamination and even cause brake malfunction.

Never let three months go by without even washing your e-bike or inspecting the chain––any responsible bike owner should know this. Even if the e-bike is just stored for weeks, you should still clean it and ensure that it is functioning properly. And then, it is essential to give it a thorough check before you ride it outside again.

Never use motorcycle oil on your e-bike chain. In fact, you must never use anything that is not designed for electric bikes. This is because lube for other types of vehicles, including motorcycles, is a lot thicker and is not applicable for electric bikes. In the end, this could cause dirt accumulation, and your chain could stop working.

Keep in mind that you must never use boiling water when washing your e-bike, even if it’s freezing outside. Just use normal temperature water or warm at most. You won't want the hot water to ruin the paint or damage other parts of your e-bike.


As you can see, cleaning your e-bike is not a complicated process. And as long as you follow the reminders you learned in this article, there shouldn’t be any problems with your Espin e-bike. Remember that proper maintenance of your electric bike can ensure that it is safe to ride and that you can enjoy it for many years. Of course, if you notice any problem with the chain or any other part of your e-bike, you should have it repaired by a professional to ensure that it won’t cause any trouble.

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