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Sister Taylor-Gaining Strength from the Example of Converts

Posted on September 18 2018

I have never met anyone as humble and full of faith as Marion. When taught about the Word of Wisdom, Marion didn’t try to make excuses. She had smoked for almost 40 years, but when she learned that God has commanded us not to use harmful substances she quit and never looked back.

When Marion was baptized she shared her testimony and some of her life story. Several years previous to her baptism she had a dream that when she reached a certain age something wonderful would happen in her life. It was within the year of her turning this specific age that she met the full-time missionaries.

Marion fell in love with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Shortly after her baptism she was called as a counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. I will forever admire Marion’s quiet strength and love for Heavenly Father. 

Sister Taylor served in the New Zealand Hamilton Mission