Sister Smith- Safety through Spiritual Promptings

My companion and I were in a dangerous part of town and it was well past dark. My companion and I always took the same route back to our apartment, but I had the strongest feeling that we needed to run back and to go a different direction than we usually go. I started jogging and told my companion what I had felt. This wasn’t a normal occurrence, so she didn’t argue with me.


As we were jogging back, I heard again in my mind, “you need to run.” So I picked it up. We started running. “You need to run faster.” By this point I was starting to panic. I couldn’t run any faster and I was pretty out of shape. “I can’t run faster,” I told Heavenly Father.


Right as I prayed I felt someone pushing on my back I looked behind me, and no one was there. I knew I wasn’t alone and that Heavenly Father wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to us. As I was being pushed I started to speed up and we ran faster and further than I ever have before. I know that we are surrounded by angels when we are doing the Lord’s work. But, we have to be obedient and spiritually in tune to hear the warning from the spirit.


My companion had also felt that she was being pushed to safety. We arrived at our apartment and thanked Heavenly Father for protecting us. We never knew what we were running from. But, this experience will continue to amaze me for the rest of my life.



Sister Smith served in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission.