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Sister Madsen-God's Involvement is Real

Posted by Ashley Andrew on
Sister Madsen-God's Involvement is Real

On my mission I learned one week even more how real God is. He is in all the little things, and I felt His presence so strongly. 
When I most felt His presence were the times I saw little miracles. God gives hope. There was an investigator who we visited this week named Tania. It was a tough lesson because she is still a teenager and didn't understand a lot of things very well still. I didn't have a lot of hope that she was going to progress, but she was my new companion's first investigator she'd met on the mission so I wanted to be hopeful for her. 
Sunday came around and we went by her house like always to bring her to church. She started giving excuses about her clothes or money, and we came up with all the answers, so she started getting ready to go! Then while we were waiting for her, her cousins asked if they could come too! They asked permission and got ready to go! They all came to church and I was so happy!
God works miracles. We got to church with the 3 cousins, and they loved it. But also there was, sitting in the chapel, by choice, in her dress, another woman named Patricia. Turns out that her family had talked to her about the church, she moved there, and went looking for the church. Basically she just appeared right in our hands. We got to teach her later that week.

God was there. I had to just put my trust in God and completely give my will to His sometimes. And when I did, I definitely felt Him there. He guided me and gave me the right words to say and showed me how to contact and it made the biggest difference  in the lives of my loved ones.
Sister Madsen served in the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

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