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Sister Lambert- The Widow's Mite in Modern Times

Sister Lambert- The Widow's Mite in Modern Times
I saw lots of miracles as a missionary and learned to recognize more often tender mercies of the Lord. They are frequent and are often chalked up to be good timing or coincidence. I know the Lord takes an interest in our lives and particularly the lives and work of his full time missionaries. 

One time we were driving with a member to go teach a young man named David at a library in a big city. The only parking spaces were metered, and you had to have cash/coins to pay for the meters. As we approach the library we realize that this is the only way to park the car, and that the member driving us only has a credit card with her. We scrounge together all that we have between the 3 of us...1 quarter, 1 nickle, and two dimes. We place this in the meter, knowing that we'll only have 20 minutes to meet with David, who is VERY interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ's church. Before we leave the car, we say a prayer and ask for the Lord's help to be able to teach David, follow the Spirit, and obey the law.

As we walked toward the library we spotted another metered spot with 56 minutes left! The amazing member who drove us jumped in her car and moved so we could have more time to teach David and not worry about getting a ticket. On the way home we talked about the widow's mite. Sometimes it feels like you don't have much to give. We only had 50 cents that day. The Lord makes up the difference and provides so we can accomplish things that are important.

Sister Lambert served in the Nebraska Omaha Mission