Sister Gordon- Modern Day Miracle

Sister Gordon- Modern Day Miracle
One of my favorite stories from my mission happened during my second transfer.  One Sunday, we got out of church and our car battery was dead. We had an appointment to get to so we had a ward member jump our car and we were on our way. It was a bit of a drive to the investigators house, so I figured the batter would be recharged while we drive. (I’ve been told this, but don’t know much about cars.)
We arrived at our appointment and they were not home. Again we tried to start our car but no luck. We asked the members we would be eating dinner with if they could come jump our car, follow us to our apartment and take us to their house for dinner. 
The following day was P-day and in order to do our laundry and grocery shop we needed our car. 
Monday morning we gathered our laundry into the car, I sat in the drivers seat and tried to start the car. Nothing. There was no sign of life. It didn’t even attempt to turn over. We said another prayer, I exercised my faith and turned the key again. There was no turn over sound but the car started. The rest of the day this happened. I’ve been around cars enough to know that this is not normal. 
Later that day we took our car in to a shop. They tested the battery and proceeded to tell us how shocked they were that the car started and made it to them. THE BATTERY WAS THAT LOW! My companion and I just looked and each other and smiled. We knew this was the Lords hand. He had answered our prayers and preformed and miracle! 
Sister Gordon served in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission