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Preparing for the Online MTC

Posted by Mallory Hopkins on
Preparing for the Online MTC

Hey all you prospective missionaries out there! We received some words of advice from an amazing sister who is just finishing up her last week of the Online MTC, and thought her advice was too good not to share! So in the words of Sister Paige Orton, 

  • Before you start, read the Book of Mormon! Pick some favorite verses to have ready to share. Also practice reading out loud!
  • Get a setup ready before you start. Try to get set up at a desk or somewhere you can sit up. Setting up in your bed will kill your back and you'll fall asleep. 
  • Try to set up somewhere with good lighting so people can see your face. Also remember that whatever is behind you, people can see. Surprisingly, they notice!
  • Get some snacks! Try to get ones that are quiet and don't make a mess. But are also quick to eat. 
  • Have something to write on and with. Make sure it has lots of space. 
  • Get earbuds that won't hurt your ears after having them in for a long time. 
  • Understand zoom and how to use it before you start. 
  • Make an effort to hang out with your district outside of classes. This will really strengthen your relationship. 
  • Be on top of companion study. This will prepare you for practice teachings. 
  • Your practice lessons aren't actually that scary! Just prepare as much as you can and pray that the Spirit can lead. 
  • You've got this! 

It is a huge step of faith to go ahead with the Online MTC. It truly is a unique experience and I am so glad I made the decision to do this. Though there is uncertainty ahead I know there is a plan!

Have you also started the Online MTC and have advice to share? Or do you have any other mission experiences that you'd be willing to share with us? Send us an email to

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