Sister Lambert- Humor In the Mission Field

Sister Lambert- Humor In the Mission Field
I was serving in a YSA Branch and we got a message that someone on the college campus requested a copy of the Book of Mormon. We already had someone out teaching with us and decided to take her along to go deliver the Book of Mormon with us.

Well, while we were on campus we saw another (very friendly) member of the YSA and he asked to come along too. "Sure! The more the merrier!" we replied. As we are walking into the dorm area, he sees some other friends (who are not members) and asks if they want to come too.

They (surprisingly) say, "yeah, why not?" My companion and I start to get a little nervous as we realize we now have a group of 7 people going up to this stranger's dorm room to drop off a copy of the Book of Mormon.

This snowballed faster than anticipated...We knock and can see the shock/surprise in this boy's face as this gaggle of people all come to his door. (Also, other people start to notice the large group walking down the hall and pop their heads out to see what's going on).

There's tons of people just staring as this poor guy as we say, "did you request a Book of Mormon? We're here to bring it to you and answer any questions you might have!" 

He had just seen the Book of Mormon Musical and thought it's be funny to get a copy in the mail; he was definitely NOT expecting a large group of overly excited young adults to hand deliver a copy to his door. 😂 The look of shock and slight terror is one I haven't forgotten to this day. Hearts in the right place, actions, maybe not so much.

Sister Lambert served in the Nebraska Omaha Mission