Having a Great Companionship

Having a Great Companionship

One of the greatest blessings of serving a mission is having someone there to help you along and share the load.

On my mission, my companions were more than just a teaching partner. They were there for my highs and lows, became my family, and pushed me out of my comfort zone. They are the only people who understand everything you’re going through... the sweet sacred times, the difficult times, and the hilarious times. My companions are still some of my best friends.

Best tips to have a good companionship:

1-Pray for them and their family. 

2-Serve them. Be a shoulder to them. They miss their friends and family too. Show them love!

3-Work together. They are also receiving guidance from the Spirit about where you should go and who you should talk to. Nothing is more amazing than when both you and your companion are led in unity by the Spirit.

4-Pray together. Ask for the Spirit of unity in your companionship, and ask for guidance in your work.

5-Talk highly of your companion to others. This includes members, people you’re teaching, and other missionaries.




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