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Elder Richwine- Finding Those that the Lord has Prepared

Elder Richwine- Finding Those that the Lord has Prepared

We had asked a recent convert, Amber, if she knew of anyone that could really use the gospel at that time. She said that she wished that her best friend, Memory, would come to church and learn about the gospel. We asked her what Memory's address was but she didn't know. She only knew what street she lived on and what the house looked like. It was on one of the main major streets that runs east to west right through Sacramento. So we shrugged and moved on.


A few days later a recently returned missionary in the branch asked us to go visit his friend Bill and get him back to church. He gave us the address and we went to visit him within the week.


Bill let us in the home and sat down and talked to us for some time. We invited him to come back to church and he said he would. I had noticed a girl sitting in the corner silently listening to us. I had asked her if she had ever heard of our church, and she said that she has been quite a few times. Apparently she had some friends that went to our branch. She named off some people but I didn't recognize any of the names. I asked her if she would like to come with Bill on Sunday and she said yes. I asked her what her name was and she said "Memory." My mouth dropped and I turned to my companion Elder Mills and said "ELDER MILLS ITS MEMORY, THE GIRL THAT AMBER TOLD US TO FIND!"


Little did we know that the Lord led us straight to Memory in this giant city. We told her our story and she was shocked, and even a little excited. She started taking the lessons and coming to mutual and church every week. She was baptized about 3 weeks later. She had told us the day before her baptism that she had prayed earlier that week for God, if He even existed, to send her some angels or a sign that He was there. She didn't have much hope for wanting to be around in this life much longer. Next thing she knew, we came knocking on her door and later she enter the waters of baptism.

Elder Richwine served in the California Sacramento Mission