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Wool-Blend Slim-Fit Suit Navy Herringbone


Wool-Blend Slim-Fit Suit Navy Herringbone

Many missions now are getting away from rules requiring suits for 4-6 months out of the year, instead opting to only wear suits for church and other meetings, so instead of providing two pants (and additional expense) these wool-blend 1-pant suits are perfect for many missionaries and they help you save money!

The suits are made of a Super 100's wool and polyester blend (50% wool and 50% polyester).  Wool is a classic fabric for suits since it is hypoallergenic, mold and mildew resistant, sheds wrinkles and stains, and most importantly helps your body regulate your temperature.  The only downside to wool is that it is not very resistant to abrasion, so we add polyester.  The 50% polyester acts like rebar in concrete-- strengthening the wool and adding a lot of abrasion resistance so it can last the whole mission.

The suit has a slimmer cut, falling right between a super slim cut and classic cut.  In other words, you'll look nice with the fitted jacket and pants, but it won't be so tight that is is immodest or not functional for big riding, etc.  

Inside the jacket, you'll find a 3-piece collar, a large security pocket, a regular large pocket, a pen pocket, and a cell phone pocket.  The back of the jacket has dual vents and the jacket is fully lined.  

The plain front (no pleat) pants are lined to the knee which is great for cycling and walking.  They have a triple closure (two buttons and a hook and eye closure), an extra piece of fabric in the crotch to help with wear, and a "gripper" waistband to help your shirt stay tucked in.  

Just like our other single pant suits, as long as you take two of any of our suits, they are covered under the 2-year guarantee.