Walk Sock Charcoal

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Charcoal Walk Sock


All we can say is congratulations.

These socks will change your life.

The MissionaryMall Walk Sock was designed with missionaries in mind (we sell thousands and thousands of pairs to missionaries every year), but they have developed a cult following among returned missionaries, businessmen, athletes, and regular joes.

Try a pair, and you'll see why.

The upper half of the sock is a highly breathable athletic mesh, keeping your foot cool, dry, and happy. The padding on the bottom of the foot is double cushioned for comfort, support, and mind-blowing durability.

To illustrate, several missionaries (we hear these stories all the time) have worn these socks for two-year missions to Africa, Mexico, and other exotic locales--only to return home and continue wearing the SAME SOCKS, sometimes for years at a time, before finally replacing them (with more Walk Socks, of course).

In fact, these socks are a full part of our 2-year Wearproof Guarantee. Socks?! Guaranteed for two years?! We aren't kidding. They are that durable. We've blended rubber into the fabric to ensure it.

Maybe that's way missionaries and non-missionaries alike wear these for hiking, running, church, work, competitive sports, and casual wear.

The MissionaryMall Walk Sock: Don't serve a mission without it. Your feet will thank you.‚ 

-75% Cotton/21% Nylon/ 2% Spandex/ 2% Rubber - Breathable, durable, comfortable.

-Elastic stays supportive over time--Sock won't roll down your leg

-Professional color variety, plus white for temple, baptisms, or casual wear

-A perennial best-selling product

-Full part of our‚ 2-Year Wearproof Guarantee