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Signature Microfiber Suit Modern Black


Signature Microfiber Suit Modern Black


Why buy a heavy duty 2-pant wool-blend suit if you are only going to wear it a few times a month on your mission?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a less expensive option?  Now you do!

The microfiber suit is designed for the many missions who now only require a suit occasionally.  It is the perfect suit for a missionary who just needs a suit for zone conference and the MTC.  If you end up needing it for more however (like if your mission president starts asking for more suit days) it is up to the task and very durable.  Made of superfine microfiber, this suit is very wrinkle resistant, stain resistant, anti-microbial, and has a slimmer fit that makes it a great post-mission suit for church or job interviews. The Microfiber makes this a super tough, lightweight suit that will breathe well and keep you cool in those hot areas and summer seasons. 

The pants are hand washable, then hang to dry.  The jacket needs to be dry cleaned so it keeps its shape and looks super sharp!