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Robbins & Brooks Oliver Tan

$50.00 $139.00

Tan Robbins & Brooks Oliver Dress Shoe


Think about how it feels to fall in love.

The feeling you get when you discover the perfect mission shoe isn't all that different.

But the Oliver by Robbins & Brooks is so much more than just a pretty face;

Constructed‚ with full grain boot leather, these beauties are designed to take a hammering.

XL Extralight outsoles give you the kind of next-level durability a mission demands while keeping the shoe shockingly lightweight. When you're walking 10-12 miles a day, that's a huge deal.

Crafted to be waterproof, the Oliver can be used year-round in all kinds of weather.

We'll even throw in an extra pair of laces and a shoe horn.

It's‚ the‚ perfect marriage of style and unyielding durability.‚ Once you try the Oliver, you won't want to settle for anything less.

-Waterproof Italian Midsole with Steel Shank

-XL Ultralight "Performance Comfort" Outsoles

-Anti-Bacterial‚ Insole with‚ Resiliant‚ Closed-Cell‚ Foam

-High Quality Full Grain Boot Leather

-Includes Shoe Travel Bag, Extra Laces, and Shoe Horn

We have two different fit options for our Oliver Dress Shoe, English and Italian. The‚ English fit‚ will offer a wider fit, as the‚ Italian fit‚ will be more narrow.‚ 

***IMPORTANT NOTE: For ANY brand of mission shoe, it is CRUCIAL that you have multiple pairs in a ROTATION rather than wearing the same pair day after day. This practice enables the shoes to dry out during their 24 hours off, which is important if you want your shoes to last. Shoes that don't have a day off to dry out WILL NOT PROVIDE PROPER SUPPORT for your feet and WILL FALL APART MUCH FASTER than shoes that are part of a‚ regular‚ rotation. Athlete's Foot is also virtually guaranteed to occur if‚ daily‚ rotation‚ isn't happening.‚ TWO PAIR‚ OF GOOD, SOLID, EVERYDAY WORK SHOES ARE A‚ MINIMUM‚ REQUIREMENT FOR MISSIONARIES, NOT AN OPTION, IF YOU WANT THEM TO LAST TWO YEARS.***

Customer Reviews

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Malachi Mill

They are sweet

Steven Brown
Robbins & Brooks Oliver Tan

Great shoes! Last a while