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R&B/Arrow Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

$15.00 $24.90

R&B/Arrow Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

White shirts are simple.

That doesn't mean all white shirts are created equal--especially for missionary service.

The R&B/Arrow Dress Shirts available at MissionaryMall are exclusively designed with Missionaries in mind.

From the extra body length (no more coming untucked while riding a bike or doing service projects) to the stylish fitted cut (no more looking like a puffy white cloud or being drowned in massive sleeves) to the comfort stretch collar button (no more being strangled by your shirt--especially if you've put on that mission weight) to the non-iron finish (NO MORE IRONING, EVER), this shirt is a winner.

The R&B/Arrow Shirt's cotton/polyester blend gives the best of mission-long durability and tracting-in-the-humid-summer breathability. The Pinpoint Oxford weave provides a uniquely comfortable texture while keeping you cool and dry.

You're going to be wearing a white shirt. Every. Single. Day. On your mission. Don't spend two years in threadbare, wrinkly shirts. Choose the Arrow Dress Shirt from MissionaryMall.

-60% Cotton/40% Polyester Blend for durability and breathability

-Non-iron finish--Hang and wear

-Comfort stretch collar button

-Extra body length to prevent shirt from coming untucked

-Heavy duty "bowling ball" material buttons with extra stitching

-Taped shoulder seams and pocket to keep seams laying flat

-Fitted cut for stylish, professional look and avoidance of bulky layering experiences

-Pinpoint Oxford weave for comfortable feel and quick-drying capability

  4-Way Flex Dress Shirt Arrow Dress Shirt
Price $35.99 24.90
Replaced in 2 Year Guarantee

Machine Washable
Quick Drying/Breathability
Sweat Wicking



Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joel Arias De Leon

R&B/Arrow Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

Jamie Holloway
Great shirt

Nice look and feel, my son says it’s very comfortable

Zack B.
The only shirt to buy

The shirt functions phenomenally for me. It fits and feels excellent and is now the best shirt I own. The button down on the inside of the collar holds my tie in place. The stretchable neck button is a game changer and makes the shirt 10x as comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
The extra length is nice as my shirt does not come untucked.

10/10 Would throw out all my other white shirts and replace them with these.

Clayton Downey

I’m not used to that type of button down collar.