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Polyester Pocket Tie - Green Design w/ Cyan Flower

$5.00 $14.90

You liked the color and pattern, or you probably wouldn't be reading this right now.

But there's more to this tie than meets the eye!

It's washable.

It's stain and weather resistant.

It's got a hidden security pocket in the back it you'd like to hide some cash, a key, or a credit card.

And yeah, it's good looking too!

Grab this one at a great, low price, or check out our‚ 10 TIE PACKAGE‚ for just $99!

-Washable, stain resistant, and all-weather

-Hidden security pocket

-Cotton lining

-100% Polyester

-Durable and colorfast (won't pill or bleed on your shirt)

Hand Washable
100% Microfiber
Stain, Oil, and Water Resistant
Cotton Lining
Hidden Security Pocket

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