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MMall 3-in-1 Coat


MMall 3-in-1 Coat


Many are called, but few are frozen.

Don't let the weather keep you from doing your work happily--the field is white, and not just because of the snow.

This coat have traveled with missionaries the world over, from mild winters and autumns to the most extreme, bone-chilling cold climates missionaries have encountered.

As the name implies, this coat serves three purposes in one:

First, you have the Polar Fleece liner, which serves as a fantastic insulator, allowing you to keep your natural body heat. Polar Fleece is also extremely durable and can be washed. Worn alone, it makes for a great autumn jacket.

Secondly, the outer layer is seam-sealed, hooded, lightweight shell. Designed to be completely waterproof, you could stand in a cold shower with this thing on and stay bone dry-yes, we tried it. It's easily cleaned, obviously. Worn alone, it's the perfect year-round raincoat.

Third, when worn together, these layers create the best waterproof, warm, functional missionary coat on the market.

Importantly, the MMall 3-in-1 Coat features no patterns or logos, as the Church has requested, and it's built to be roomy and long enough to comfortably cover your suit jacket.

From 50 degree evenings in Mexico to 10 below in Minnesota, the veratile MMall 3-in-1 coat is just what you need to brave the outdoors as you serve.

-Seam-sealed--absolutely waterproof

-Polar Fleece liner for excellent insulation in very cold temperatures

-Fits nicely over a suit jacket

-Dark conservative color with no logos or patterns