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MMall 3-in-1 Coat



Our 3-in-1 coat integrates features that make life easier for missionaries. We manufacture our own line of coats because we couldn't find a shorter, waterproof coat with a removable liner-and missionaries need and deserve a completely waterproof coat.

As a missionary in a downpour, water-resistant coats keep you dry for a short time, then water starts seeping through the seams. The dyes from the coat liner will bleed onto your white shirt, and if the weather is cold, you could be headed for hypothermia. You can't work in those conditions, so you have to head back to your apartment for a change of clothes.

So, we make our own coats. Our fabric is waterproof, but breathable, and all seams are sealed like a $500 ski parka. You can put this coat on, stand in the shower for an hour, and stay completely dry-our owner has done it! The best way to stay warm is to stay dry. The bulkiest coat on the planet will not keep you warm if water gets through. But the fabric should also be breathable so perspiration can evaporate instead of staying on your skin and making you cold.