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missionarymall Mission Belt Alpine White

Mission Belt Alpine White

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Alpine White Mission Belt


Like a beautiful old car with a rust spot on the hood. Like a building with ugly graffiti on one wall. Like a bag of Oreos with a worm in it.

That's what it's like when the leather starts cracking and peeling around the holes on your belt.

Worry no more! The Mission Belt ratchet system doesn't require any bending or twisting of the leather when you put on the belt, because there are no holes involved! The ratchet on the buckle simply grabs onto the track implanted on the back of the belt strap, holding tight but putting no strain whatsoever on the leather itself. It's a game-changer.

Additionally, you can discreetly loosen or tighten the belt at any time, so you don't have to sit so uncomfortably after a big dinner.

The mission belt is size adjustable as well--the buckle is designed to be removed, at which point you can simply cut the leather (from the buckle side) with a pair of scissors, reattach the buckle, and boom! You have a custom fit belt! ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

Holding your pants up is an important job. Trust the Mission Belt to do its duty--and look good doing it.



-Discreet loosening and tightening

-Stylish buckle and handsome colors

-Metallic 40 mm buckle with acrylic finish. White buckle. White Leather.
1.25" genuine leather with synthetic coating.