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Luggage Security and Piggy-Back Strap with ID Card Pocket- Red

$6.99 $9.99

This luggage strap has you covered!  First off, put your information on the hidden tag so the airlines can contact you in case of damage or routing problems.  Second, secure your luggage from accidentally coming open by wrapping the strap around the luggage while flying.  Third, the red color allows you to easily pick out your luggage at the luggage pickup carousel.   Fourth, you can use it to connect your luggage together by looping this strap through the handles of your luggage for easier transport or to piggy-back backpacks or carry-ons with larger pieces of luggage!  Once in the apartment, it can be used as a makeshift clothes line, set up as a closet rail to hang clothing, or as a support for mosquito netting, etc.  Take a few, you'll need them!  Strap is 71 inches long by 2 inches wide and expands from 40" to 71" (in a loop, that would be 20" to 35.5").