a12hgt259 Five Pants Package

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Five Pants Package

You wouldn't cross the desert with only one Capri Sun. You wouldn't go to the Nickel Arcade with only three pennies. You wouldn't go to war without a weapon. Why on earth would you go on a TWO YEAR MISSION with less than 5 pairs of pants? And yet, missionaries do. Every year. Hey, if they enjoy wearing the same sweaty pair of work pants multiple times a week between laundry days while walking around in the hot sun all day, more power to them. But you're a smart guy, and smart guys don't like to smell bad. They like to be prepared. That's why we built you the Five Pants Package. It's our way of rewarding you for making a decision you should want to make anyway: To take enough pants to not be gross or caught in a laundry bind. It's just common sense. At an uncommonly low price.

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