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Washable Flat Front Pant Navy

$39.99 $59.90

**CLEARANCE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE** (cannot be returned)

Navy Washable Flat Front Pant


Imagine the ideal team of superheroes. There's the fast one. The smart one. The funny one. The one with leadership skills.

These pants would be the quiet, incredibly strong one.

Designed to be uniform grade, these pants perform well for service industry workers, such as airline workers, security guards, hotel staff, and--you guessed it--missionaries.

Basically, these pants were crafted with the intention that you would work and sweat in them, wash them, then repeat and repeat, and repeat. The Energizer Bunny of dress pants, they keep going and going and going.

The fabric is super strong, but you don't miss out on breathability either. These pants have served missionaries well in all climates.

If you want long-term durability for a low price, you can't beat these slacks.

-70% Polyester/ 30% Wool for durability and breathability

-Flat Front

-Uniform Grade

-Excellent Price