Dress Downs

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Keeping your dresses & skirts down and your body covered!
TheDress Downs garment weight is the only product available to help you avoid a windy wardrobe malfunction. Simply peel the backing, press the weight along the hem, and go! Allowing for a peace of mind as you go about your day or night. Dress Downs are reusable, undetectable, and safe on all materials.‚ 

Remove the backing and apply the Garment Weight to the inside of your hem line. It is completely undetectable when applied correctly. The weight is heavy enough to keep garments down but light enough that it does not alter the shape of the garment.‚ Apply onto smaller hems on a blouse‚ or scarf, or spread along bigger hems on a dress or skirt.‚ The adhesive used is safe on all ‚ materials; it is easy to remove and can be placed from garment to garment.

Package includes four dress weights. ‚ ‚ 

  • Each piece measures: 3" H ‚ x .98in L x .30" W
  • Each dress weight weighs approximately 0.8 oz
  • No sewing, ironing, or gluing‚ 
  • Reusable
missionarymall Dress Downs
missionarymall Dress Downs
missionarymall Dress Downs