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Crocs Kadee Work Flat Black



If you work on your feet all day, get more comfortable in the Crocs Black Kadee Work Flat. It's based on one of our most popular flats - it's light, cushiony and made with Croslite ‚„Æ’‚ ž ‚„‚¡¦¡¦¾ foam for signature Crocs comfort. And we've added our Crocs Lock ‚„Æ’‚ ž ‚„‚¡¦¡¦¾ slip-resistant tread to meet the demands of your job.


  • One of our most popular flat silhouettes
  • Croslite ‚„Æ’‚ ž ‚„‚¡¦¡¦¾ foam construction makes it light and comfortable
  • Distinctive heel cutouts add breathability
  • Crocs Lock ‚„Æ’‚ ž ‚„‚¡¦¡¦¾ slip-resistant tread
  • Designed for workplace environments: restaurants, hospitality industry and beyond