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Arrow Short Sleeve Dress Shirt



Arrow Short Sleeve Dress Shirt

White shirts are simple.

That doesn't mean all white shirts are created equal--especially for missionary service.

The Arrow Dress Shirts available at MissionaryMall are exclusively designed with Missionaries in mind.

From the extra body length (no more coming untucked while riding a bike or doing service projects) to the stylish fitted cut (no more looking like a puffy white cloud or being drowned in massive sleeves) to the comfort stretch collar button (no more being strangled by your shirt--especially if you've put on that mission weight) to the non-iron finish (NO MORE IRONING, EVER), this shirt is a winner.

In fact, it's a full part of our 2-Year Wearproof Guarantee.

The Arrow Shirt's cotton/polyester blend gives the best of mission-long durability and tracting-in-the-humid-summer breathability. The Pinpoint Oxford weave provides a uniquely comfortable texture while keeping you cool and dry.

You're going to be wearing a white shirt. Every. Single. Day. On your mission. Don't spend two years in threadbare, wrinkly shirts. Choose the Arrow Dress Shirt from MissionaryMall.

-60% Cotton/40% Polyester Blend for durability and breathability

-Non-iron finish--Hang and wear

-Comfort stretch collar button

-Extra body length to prevent shirt from coming untucked

-Heavy duty "bowling ball" material buttons with extra stitching

-Taped shoulder seams and pocket to keep seams laying flat

-Fitted cut for stylish, professional look and avoidance of bulky layering experiences

-Pinpoint Oxford weave for comfortable feel and quick-drying capability


Made in China